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Parafancar specialises in standard and special production of stainless steel toolboxes, water tanks, accessories and various supports for trucks.
Comfort, safety and good looks, all in just one product.

50 years of history

Parafancar was founded in 1968 to produce fully handmade mudguards for trucks.

Made in Italy

We rely on highly skilled personnel to manage the entire production cycle at our plant in Brescia.

At your service

The sizes, finishes and equipment provided with our products are always customisable.

Our products


In stainless or hot-galvanised steel, with different thicknesses and fully customisable. All available in any size.

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Water tanks in PVC or stainless steel with certified TIG welding. Various solutions and sizes available, all Made in Italy.

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Fire extinguisher holders, trays and accessories for water tanks. A varied range of accessories to guarantee safety and comfort.

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EUROPA toolbox

For all applications

Designed and produced in Italy, it is available in any size and with endless possibilities for customisation.

Durable and waterproof

Welded using a qualified TIG process, it guarantees a high degree of mechanical resistance and water tightness.

Certified Safety

With its ECE R73 certification for Lateral Protection Devices (LPD) it guarantees safety in accordance with international law.

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